“Special” / Annual Awards

These Special awards which are marked by large wooden plaque and small plates displayed on wall of NYSOHOF Museum.  They are given periodically to deserving individuals or groups.  They are not considered induction into the Hall of Fame.

Educational Program Award:

Designed for youth or youth programs, related to conservation programs.

– could be either a yearly or on-going project,(as above) etc.

Media Award:

used as recognition in special cases where someone did something really special, beyond their regular duties.

Outdoors-person of the Year:

This award is presented to an individual or organization that has made a significant impact on conservation or outdoor sports. This may have been a specific project or several actions that have enhanced hunting or fishing or helped preserve our natural environment for future generations. These actions have typically been performed over a shorter period of time than the efforts of an inductee to the Hall of Fame.

recognizing someone for a special project, or efforts over a shorter period of time.

Dave Pierce Memorial Award:

  • Given to someone who has done outstanding work with youth

Extra Mile Award :

Conservation and Law Enforcement Professional do an important job in protecting the state’s resources ranging from fish and wildlife to the health of the environment.  They regularly enforce the laws protecting fish and wildlife, monitor pollution, and much more. At times they even put their lives on the line.  The Law Enforcement Professional serve as symbols of our natural resources and help educate the public on proper behavior.

Yet even with all of these responsibilities many of them go beyond the call of duty to help educate the public or create a new generation of ethical sportsmen and stewards of our natural resources.  This “extra mile” that they often go can take many forms.  They regularly make appearances at youth groups, speak at various meetings, act as mentors to youth hunts, fund many events, and help organize events to introduce people to outdoor sports.

The New York State Outdoorsmen Hall of Fame is dedicated to preserving our natural resources and enhancing outdoor sports.  Thus it recognizes the importance of efforts such as those that the Conservation and Law Enforcement Professional do regularly without fanfare.  It also knows that the Conservation and Law Enforcement Professional do a lot more than most people realize.

Therefore the NYS Outdoorsmen Hall of Fame wants to publicly recognize these men and women.   It will annually select deserving candidates and honor them at the annual banquet and with a plaque detailing their efforts.  Nominations may be sent to the Board of Directors of the NYS Outdoorsmen Hall of Fame who will determine the yearly award winners.