Extra Mile Award Winner

Extra Mile Award Winner

L to R  Presenter Scott Faulkner, ECO Scott Marshall, President Steve Wowelko

Our Forest Rangers, Environmental Conservation Officers, and other law enforcement personnel do their duty day in and day out, protecting citizens, enforcing the laws, protecting our resources, and often laying their lives on the line. For many of them the dedication to these ideals causes them to become involved even after their day’s duty is done. This is why the NYSOHOF established the Extra Mile Award which recognizes someone who has gone well beyond their normal duties and has made an impact on involving others in outdoor sports or conservation.

This year the Extra Mile Award goes to Scott Marshall, an ECO in Region 9 in western New York. Marshall established the Region 9 Youth Waterfowl Hunt which is a two-day experience. On the first day the youngsters are treated to breakfast at the Wyoming Valley Rod and Gun Club, followed by a class in waterfowl identification and as many rounds of trap shooting as they like to improve their wing shooting skills.

The following Saturday, during the special NYS Youth Waterfowl Hunting Weekend, the youngsters and parents meet at the Tonawanda Wildlife Management Area. After breakfast the youngsters are given gear, as well as guns if needed, and paired with guides. They hunt in groups of two and later meet for lunch, photos, and a demonstration of bird cleaning.

ECO Marshall also raises 50 ringneck pheasant roosters for a youth hunt and has taught over 250 Hunter Education classes. He appears at other Hunter Education classes and public events and has exposed over 6,000 youths and adults to a positive message of law enforcement and conservation. He has been recognized by the Erie County Federation of Sportsmen and Ducks Unlimited for his efforts.