The Board of Directors met last week and decided that it will not be feasible to hold the 2020 induction banquet this year.

We were concerned for the health and safety of our inductees, many of whom are elderly.  In speaking with several inductees and board members, they stated that they would not be able to attend the event due to potential health issues. 

In addition, the restaurant where we were going to hold the event is still limited to a max of 50 people.

Our Board of Directors discussed our options and came to a difficult decision to cancel this year’s dinner.

The Board came up with an alternative method of presenting the 2020 inductees their plaques.  We will contact the inductees and those who nominated them and offer to have a board member present the plaque to them in person at a place of their choice or send it directly via mail if this is their preference.

All 2020 inductees will be invited as our guest to the 2021 Annual Induction Banquet and recognized with a write-up of their accomplishments in the 2021 banquet program book.

Until we meet again, stay safe.

Stephen Wowelko, President

New York State Outdoorsmen Hall of Fame

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