Pioneer Award

Since its creation the New York State Outdoorsmen Hall of Fame has been inducting men and women who have devoted much of their time to promoting conservation and enhancing outdoor sports for future generations. But prior to the establishment of the NYSOHOF and modern electronic communication there were other individuals who worked tirelessly to preserve our outdoor heritage.

The Pioneer category was established to honor these earlier sportsmen and women who did so much for sportsmen’s issues all across New York State. Many of these sportsmen and women are now deceased. These deserving individuals will be posthumously honored and their names placed on a plaque to be displayed at the NYSOHOF Museum and listed on the website.

Please use the nomination form on the Web Site to nominate someone who you think may be deserving of this honor. Fill in as much information that you have on them such as the groups they worked with or belonged to and programs they may have started in their area. Please use the online nomination form or mail nominations for the Pioneer Category to Scott Faulkner.

Recipients of the Pioneer Award include:

2023 – Col LeRoy Short
2018 - Greene Smith
2017 - Charles Bevilacqua
2016 - Leon Chandler
2016 - Charlie Rechlin
2015 - Joe Jemiolo Jr.
2015 - Lee Wulff